Topics include: How we celebrated Independence Day, Grilling watermelon, Hooligans looking like they're from Back to the Future II, Living in Quarantine week 7 bazillion, What was the first CD-ROM game and software we ever installed, 2X CD-ROMs are so slow, CDRW and DVD-RAM drives, Making fun of Lunduke for using 10/100 Ethernet, OpenCore and Hackintoshes, Flight of the Navigator is the best 4th of July movie, Stories of working at a movie theater in the 1990s, Linux Real-Time kernels, The best Bullfrog games (Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper, Magic Carpet, etc.), Linux rolling releases, The benefits of longer release cycles for Operating Systems, Lots of firework explosion sounds, and dad jokes.

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Lunduke and Friends

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A chance to socialize – with each other, and with all the chat room folks out on the Inter-tubes – and have a few good laughs while we talk about whatever the heck we all decide to talk about (with questions supplied by all of you). Light hearted. Unscripted.


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