Back in 2011, nearly a decade ago, I began writing a comic book.

A book about aliens invading earth, done in the art style of road signs. It was a goofy, family friendly, 1950's-esque sci-fi adventure.

And the critics loved it.

From Ain't It Cool News:

“Not only is the self-referential quality one of the finer points of the series, but the humorous writing makes the reader want to read every last word, instead of being tempted to skim.”

“Bryan Lunduke does not rest or depend on the fact that his style of artwork is purely based on road-signs; he takes advantage of this and backs up the pictures with hilarious text.”

From Wired:

“Some comics rely on gorgeous art. Some on fantastic writing. And some rely on that very hard to find sweet spot where the art and the dialogue work together to create something that is greater than the whole. That's the case with Road-Sign Hank and the Aliens.”

Hank 1 and 2

Despite the overwhelmingly positive critical response, life (read: day job) interfered and I had to put Hank on hold.

Now, in 2020, Hank is coming back to fight the aliens once more. (Huzzah!) Time to get caught up with issues 1 and 2 before the next new issue gets released.

How To Get The Digital Comic Books

The digital version (in both PDF and CBZ formats – DRM free, naturally) is available as a perk for everyone who subscribes to The Lunduke Journal either via Patreon or Locals.

Step 1) Subscribe via Patreon or Locals.

Step 2) Download the DRM-Free version of “Road-Sign Hank and the Aliens issues 1 and 2” from either Locals or Patreon.

Step 3) Load it up on your phone, tablet, or laptop (or print it out). Read it for yourself. Read it with your kids.

All future issues of Road-Sign Hank and the Aliens will be released (at no cost) to everyone who subscribes to The Lunduke Journal via those links above. As soon as the new issues roll out, you get ‘em.

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