Topics include: Hosting static websites, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, Two Linux guys reminiscing about versions of Windows, Windows XP looked like a Fisher Price toy, What Superhero would we like to be, Rebooting comic movies are annoying, Which Superman is our Superman, The Tick, The Lone Gunmen and The X-Files, Haiku, OpenShot video editor, Being Off-Line is better than being On-Line, Amigas are cool, Apple moving to ARM for Macs, Nextstep and classic MacOS, and a good handful off dad jokes.

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Lunduke and Friends

Every Saturday, at 9pm Pacific (currently over on the Lunduke YouTube Channel), a bunch of Lunduke's nerdiest friends gather – with live stream and a community chat room – to talk about nerdy things.

This weeks nerds:

(Yeah, we went old-school this week. Just Matt and Lunduke, hanging out, talkin’ ‘bout nerdy things.)

A chance to socialize – with each other, and with all the chat room folks out on the Inter-tubes – and have a few good laughs while we talk about whatever the heck we all decide to talk about (with questions supplied by all of you). Light hearted. Unscripted.


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