Back in 2013, I wrote a children's book for my daughter.

A book about Linux… that I could read to a 2 year old. I called it “Linux for Hank.”

Linux for Hank

The digital version (in both PDF and CBZ formats – DRM free, naturally) is available as a perk for everyone who subscribes to The Lunduke Journal either via Patreon or Locals.

Step 1) Subscribe via Patreon or Locals.

Step 2) Download the DRM-Free version of “Linux for Hank” from either Locals or Patreon.

Step 3) Load it up on your phone, tablet, or laptop (or print it out) and read it to your kids.

Then feel good that you've properly indoctrinated your children into the world of Linux via an adorably rhyme-y book. The way it was meant to be.

There's a bunch of other benefits to becoming a subscriber and supporter of The Lunduke Journal. Exclusive podcast episodes. Comic strips a week early. DRM-Free e-books. I'm tellin’ ya, all the cool kids are doing it.

Can't or don't want to subscribe? No problemo! You can also purchase “Linux for Hank” via LBRY for just a couple bucks. Also DRM-Free. That's just how I roll.

Linux for Hank


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