Good news! The House of Lunduke BBS is back On-Line!

House of Lunduke BBS

I had taken the BBS Off-Line in order to make a number of big changes – and add some new features that I'd personally been wanting to try out for a long time.

In the end, the new BBS sofware I wanted to use turned out to have significant limitations for how I wanted to use it. Thus, many of my grand plans had to be abandoned.

I did manage to do a clean-up of the BBS, and migrate it to a new server (which was badly needed). So, all in all, a net positive. And the BBS is now setup to be able to run for the foreseeable future from its new server home.

If you've ever wanted to get into a new game of Trade Wars 2002 or LORD… there's never been a better time.

You can telnet into the BBS at:

(Check the BBS page for telnet software options.)

20 nodes. Free for everyone. Enjoy. :)


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