Topics include: Kentucky (the state), Hot Pockets, LBRY, YouTube, Trying to ignore the outside world, GTK, Qt, Uncomfortable office chairs, The 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 as a desktop computer, Our favorite text editors (vi, emacs, nano, etc.), Best simple laptop for writing, Distraction-free computing, Our favorite CPUs (Intel, AMD, ARM, Cyrix, 68k, etc.), Putting Linux on computers that weren't meant to run Linux (like older Macintoshes - Yellowdog Linux), also dad jokes.

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Lunduke and Friends

Every Saturday, at 9pm Pacific (currently over on the Lunduke YouTube Channel), a bunch of Lunduke's nerdiest friends gather – with live stream and a community chat room – to talk about nerdy things.

This weeks nerds:

A chance to socialize – with each other, and with all the chat room folks out on the Inter-tubes – and have a few good laughs while we talk about whatever the heck we all decide to talk about (with questions supplied by all of you). Light hearted. Unscripted.


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