Topics include: Applications vs websites, how much time each of us spends on our phones, what makes a something a REAL computer, monetizing open source software, the fragility of some models of monetization, truly open companies, credit cards are stupid, are Linux fans paranoid cheapskates, dial up modems are neat, Linux and kernel bloat, if Linux is not an option anymore… what Operating System do we run? Also, dad jokes.

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Lunduke and Friends

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Every Saturday, at 9pm Pacific (currently over on the Lunduke YouTube Channel), a bunch of Lunduke's nerdiest friends gather – with live stream and a community chat room – to talk about nerdy things.

A chance to socialize – with each other, and with all the chat room folks out on the Inter-tubes – and have a few good laughs while we talk about whatever the heck we all decide to talk about (with questions supplied by all of you). Light hearted. Unscripted.


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