Linux Sucks 2019

The Great Trainwrek

In 2019, I did a live show called “Linux Sucks: In Space". (The most recent installment of the Linux Sucks series, which has been viewed millions of times over the last few years.)

That 2019 show was a total trainwreck. In nearly every conceivable way.

  • Significant portions of the video were lost.
  • The entire slide deck was lost (seriously).
  • I had two of my kids with me (3 and 8) as my wife was at home with our newborn – and my 3 year old managed to get into several portions of the video (and audio)… being as I don't want to publish widely distributed video of my kids, those chunks became totally unusable.

Add to that the fact that some portions of the show just went off the rails anyway… Whew! What a mess! What can ya do, eh? :)

Luckily there were some really fun, usable clips.

I have stitched all of those together (roughly 17 minutes worth) and am presenting them as “Linux Sucks 2019 - The Lost Recordings".

“this is a train wreck in the best way” - One of the first viewers on LBRY

A Paid Trainwrek. WHAT?!

I'm releasing this, exclusively on LBRY.

I really dig what LBRY is doing as a video (and other content) distribution platform – and they're releasing new functionality for supporting paid content (totally DRM-Free, the way it should be).

DRM-Free, open source platforms like this deserve support. To do my part in encouraging usage of a good, freedom-loving platform… I am publishing “The Lost Recordings”, on LBRY, with a price associated with it. Just a very small one (in LBC, the LBRY Crypto-currency).

(In fact, LBRY is subsidizing this for a bunch of people. So it might be even cheaper for a lot of you… See here for details.)

This is really for the Linux Sucks fans out there. The die hards. Those that want to enjoy a little peek into the craziness that was the 2019 show… to tide you over until “Linux Sucks 2020” hits later this month.

Linux Sucks 2020

Later this month I'll be releasing “Linux Sucks 2020".

I promise it won't be total trainwreck. ;)

Pinky swear.

Linux Sucks 2020

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