Every Saturday, at 9pm Pacific (currently over on the Lunduke YouTube Channel), a bunch of Lunduke's nerdiest friends gather – with live stream and a community chat room – to talk about nerdy things.

Lunduke and Friends

A chance to socialize – with each other, and with all the chat room folks out on the Inter-tubes – and have a few good laughs while we talk about whatever the heck we all decide to talk about (with questions supplied by all of you). Light hearted. Unscripted.

This weeks nerds:

You can watch the full recordings (broken up into two parts – each one hour long) below.

Part 1

View on LBRY or YouTube or listen on the Podcast.

Topics include: What it's like outside, pot pie, freezer foods, nerdy show and tell (Geek Squad badge, Quake 3 for Linux box, micro sized table top arcade games, Netflix DVD of Get Smart), Star Trek and Star Wars on LaserDisc, Desktop Linux marketshare, Lotus 1-2-3, Windows 10 drivers, Titus angers the Internet by dogging on VLC, and WinAmp.

Part 2

View on LBRY or YouTube or listen on the Podcast.

Topics include: Weirdest computer we've ever worked on, computers inside mannequins, Cobol, putting hard drives in the freezer, Handspring Visor, hardware we'd like to be Open Source, Drive-In movie theaters, projects we have time for nowadays, breaking things during a live stream. Also some Linux. Probably.


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