On May 2nd, 1983, Microsoft intruduced a new piece of hardware – demoed with a new piece of software.

Both of which would go on to acheive near legendary status among computer users around the world.

The Microsoft Mouse… and Notepad.

This first Microsoft Mouse, nicknamed “The Green Eyed Monster” (for the two big green buttons on the front), sold for $195 and required a bus interface card – 9 and 25-pin serial port support would arrive later.

Green Eyed Monster

Image Credit: Wikipedia / Rolf Hartmann

To accompany the new mouse, Microsoft shipped just a couple applications built to utilize it. The most historically important of those was a little text editor: Multi-Tool Notepad. Which later would be simply renamed to “Notepad” or “Microsoft Notepad”… and be used to edit text files on Windows machines far and wide.

Multi-Tool Notepad

Image Credit: Bryan Lunduke's weird collection of software

That screenshot right there is the first release of what, arguably, is one of the most widely used pieces of software in human history.

A full two years before Microsoft Windows 1.0 – and almost a year before the Apple Macintosh (but slightly after the release of the Apple Lisa) – Microsoft shipped its first mouse hardware and mouse-focused software.

MS Mouse Floppy

Image Credit: WinWorldPC

Also included on the Microsoft Mouse floppy were the following applications.

The Piano demo application…


A very simple drawing application (with CGA color support)…


And an implementation of The Game of Life…



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