This episode of Lunduke & Friends was recorded live on April 18th, 2020. You can grab the recording a bunch of different ways:

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Lunduke and Friends

This time, I'm joined by two exceptionally awesome nerds:

  • Chris Titus (Chris Titus Tech on YouTube)

  • Matt Hartley (veteran Linux Journalist)

Some topics included:

  • Lunduke and his Toshiba Libretto DOS laptop.

  • Hartley and his TI-99 joystick.

  • Titus and his really weird Final Fantasy MMO clock.

  • Shopping in person is weird.

  • So many Linux distributions are practically the same.

  • Selling closed source software for Linux, and how that makes folks feel.

  • Package managers are weird.

  • Distro hopping is for youngin's.

  • Some “Linux” and “open source” companies… who seem to love closed source software.

  • Random Linux-y jibber jabber. I think someone mentioned Arch.

  • Plus some dad jokes.

If you missed this week…

Next Saturday. 9pm. Pacific. Over on my YouTube channel. It's worth it.


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