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Lunduke and Friends

A few weeks back we started doing a Saturday night live stream. Just me and three of my nerdy friends, talking about nerdy things, and generally relaxing. Taking our minds off whatever was going on out in the world to focus on things that warmed our hearts.

Linux. Open Source. Retro computing. Video games. Funky electronics. That sort of thing. With a live chat room, taking questions from all of you.

This has quickly become one of the highlights of the week. A chance to unwind. So it is now becoming a permanent thing.

I call it “Lunduke and Friends” – and it has a permanent time… 9pm Pacific. Every Saturday night. For two hours.

And, since this is now a recurring fixture here at The Lunduke Journal, I'm releasing the full recorded show every Sunday (for those that couldn't make it to the live show the night before).

This time, I'm joined by three exceptionally awesome nerds:

Some topics included:

  • Google and Apple teaming up to spy on us (and fighting a virus with cell phones).

  • Nerdy Show and Tell (Powerbook 180c, the NES, an awesome old TI 99/4a game)

  • Our first home video game consoles.

  • Game console controlers for use with PCs.

  • Using old computers. Not just as a hobby, but for actual work.

  • What will replace The Internet?

  • How Cell Phones are ruining everything.

  • How can people protect themselves from being spied on by Google (and the like)?

  • How much data storage do we have available to us on our local networks?

  • Plus some dad jokes.

If you missed this week…

Next Saturday. 9pm. Pacific. Over on my YouTube channel. It's worth it.


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