Three weeks back I hosted an informal, un-scripted, barely planned hangout with three of my nerdy friends over on my YouTube channel.

A chance to kick back and socialize with some like-minded, highly nerdy, super-great dudes.

With most of us, around the world, being cooped up inside… this was a welcome break. A chance to socialize and attempt to keep our sanity.

And, boy howdy, it was a great time.

This was originally intended to be a one-time thing – but it was so enjoyably theraputic… let's keep the party rolling. The Weekly Nerdy Hangout (which seems to change name every week… wonder what it'll be called next week…) is now a regular thing!

Every Saturday night. 9pm Pacific. For between 2 and 3 hours.

Me + 3 of my nerdiest friends. Live-streaming on YouTube. Taking questions and topics from a live chat room of fellow, excellent nerds.

Linux. Retro computing. Nerd prepping. General nerdy goofiness.

So put on some PJ's, grab some snacks and drinks, and keep an eye on my YouTube Channel this Saturday night (or Sunday morning, depending on what part of the world you live in). See you then!


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