I received word that LinuxFest Northwest – originally scheduled for April 25th and 26th in Bellingham, WA – has been cancelled due to the Wuhan Corona Virus.

This is the official announcement just sent over by conference organizers:

“With an abundance of precaution and care for the well-being of all LinuxFest presenters, sponsors, attendees, volunteers, and their loved ones, we have unanimously elected to not hold LFNW in-person at Bellingham Technical College this year. We were all looking forward to another excellent year of the Fest, but the role that events like ours can have in spreading the virus, already present in our locality, is too great to ignore. In the coming weeks, we will be connecting with the accepted presenters to find ways of bringing their talks to our website and YouTube channel, and setting up a space for Q&A. We will also be reaching out to our Individual Supporters who may elect to maintain their tax deductible donations in support of the Fest, or be fully refunded. Our Corporate Sponsors may choose to receive a full refund, or roll over their sponsorship to next year’s LinuxFest Northwest in April of 2021.

Stay tuned to https://blog.lfnw.org and our Twitter feed for updates, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any remaining questions. Stay safe, wash your hands, we’ll keep y’all up to date.”

Originally, I was scheduled to do multiple live shows at the event. Pretty bummed as these promised to be fun ones (at least for me). Ah, well. What can you do?

I fully support the LinuxFest NW organizers and their decision – better safe than sorry, I say.

Perhaps some of my planned live shows can be done as videos. Heck, maybe as part of some “virtual conference” or something. Either way, I'm proud of the LinuxFest NW crew for taking this step to keep folks safe. And I'll be really looking forward to the 2021 event.

Thumbs up.


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