Ask Lunduke is a weekly podcast where the community can ask any question they like… and I (attempt to) answer them.

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Topics on Ask Lunduke this week:

  • What if AT&T didn’t go after the Berkeley and the BSD project in the late 80s? What do you think the computing, Free Software, and open source landscape would look like? (aka “What if the UNIX Wars didn't happen?")

  • What do you think about Apple's recent move to deprecate kernel extensions in favour of system extensions? Does it make macOS more microkernel-ish in a long run? Is there a need for something similar to happen in a Linux world? I've heard Linus is against it mostly due to performance costs.

  • Would you consider using an X server on DOS, as an alternative for Windows 3.x or 95? (ala DESQview/X)

  • Is Linus Benedict Torvalds an obstacle/tyrant or a necessary Benign Dictator?

  • How closely do you follow ReactOS? Do you think the army of MS lawyers will give them trouble as they get closer to completion?

  • I have agreed to take a terminal challenge. I must only use a terminal (No window manager) for a week. What terminal based games would you recommend, to keep myself entertained? I already have noduko and pacman4console, but having just 2 games, might get boring quickly.

  • What would an OS designed only for nerds, programmers, and tinkerers (instead of general public) look like? Is that a good idea?

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