On April 25th (a Saturday), I will be doing three live shows (all in one day) in Bellingham, Washington at Linux Fest Northwest.

The exact times for each show are yet to be finalized – I will publish the times here as soon as they are available – but I wanted to give everyone an early heads up so folks can make travel plans.

These shows are all free to attend thanks to the generosity of the organizers, and supporters, of Linux Fest Northwest (which is the largest, free to attend Open Source conference in the entire hemisphere).

Super Amazing Lunduke Panel (tm)

This will be a discussion. With guests. Good ones. Who they are will remain a secret until we get closer to the show. Expect something very Linux-y and Open Source-y.

Weird Linux Tales of Weirdness

THRILL! To tales of Linux from yesteryear! GASP! At the utter weirdness of Linux-y adventures! GROK! At the handsomeness of the man at the front of the room!

Meet Haiku – The Free Software BeOS

Tired of Linux? Bored of NetBSD? Take a tour of Haiku, the Free and Open Source operating system inspired by the legendary BeOS. I show you how to use Haiku as a capable, every-day OS… with many of the same applications you are used to on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

While these shows are free to attend, be sure to get there early. Seating is, as they say, limited. One year we had people who had to leave so the Fire Marshal wouldn't shut us down. Another year there were folks standing outside in bushes, watching through windows. It can get nuts.

I've also been told, by the conference organizers, that they have presentations scheduled from “in no particular order: Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, Canonical, Rackspace, Slack, Red Hat, SUSE, System76, Purism, Clonezilla, Debian, Linux Academy, LPI, UW, Software Freedom Conservancy, FSF, EFF, and props to our local guys Crafty Penguins & Candela Tech.”

These shows promise to be a ton of fun (especially “Weird Linux Tales of Weirdness”… I am super excited for that one).


There was one show that the Linux Fest Northwest organizers didn't want me to do at their venue.

Awesome Masculinity, Open Source, and You.

We've all heard the term “Toxic Masculinity”… but what about Awesome Masculinity? Let's take a whirlwind tour through some of the most awesomely nerdy men, with their awesome manliness, that have helped make the computing world (Free Software and Linux, specifically) extra awesome. And manly. Come prepared to make manly noises (grunts and, well, more grunts).

That show would have been a ridiculous amount of fun. But, alas, I get why Linux Fest didn't want that show. They would have gotten yelled at endlessly – based on just the title alone (even though there's really nothing that any reasonable person could be offended by in the show).

It definitely needs to be a show with a live audience. So, for now, perhaps I'll tuck that show in my back pocket and wait for the right venue to pop up.

But, even without “Awesome Masculinity”, this promises to be a truly excellent day, during a most resplendent festival. Highly recommend making the trip to Bellingham, WA if you are able!


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