In 2017, “The Lunduke Show” was born.

In the beginning, The Lunduke Show was a YouTube-only series – focusing on Linux, Open Source, Personal Privacy, and the broader Computing world.

Flash forward to 2020… and so much has changed.

The YouTube channel, while it continues to grow, is no longer the primary way people get the show – the Audio Podcast is now several times more popular than YouTube. And the Lunduke Show video channel on LBRY is growing so fast that it will likely pass YouTube (at least for this show) later this year.

In November of 2019, just three short months ago, I began publishing full length articles for the topics discussed within the Lunduke Show.

Almost overnight, the written articles published under the Lunduke Show name were bringing in more eyeballs than the video version of the show. Now, in January of 2020, the articles are 2nd in popularity among all of the publishing platforms for this show (only slightly behind the Audio Podcast).

And growing. Fast.

Clearly a name change was in order.

“The Lunduke Show” name has served me well for the last three years… but it just doesn't fit when more people are reading the articles than watching the videos (and all of the shows are based on the articles).

I needed a name that encompassed all of what I produce.

  • Articles (some opinion pieces, some journalism pieces)
  • Audio Podcasts and Video Episodes based on those articles

For me, the choice was obvious. Swap out “Show” for “Journal.”

Shazam! “The Lunduke Journal” is born!

Time for a new website.

With so many people reading the articles, obviously those articles need to live somewhere under my control.

Up until now I've been publishing them over on Patreon. I made those articles free for everyone to read, but utilized Patreon as simply a publishing platform. This worked well enough for the occasional article… but that needed to change.

You can now find every article published under the Lunduke Journal name right here at You can also find an always up to date RSS feed of the articles right here as well. That way you can get notified the moment a new article (and corresponding episode, audio and video) is published.

If you've been enjoying the content over the last few months, never fear. No significant changes to any of that, outside of the name, branding, and website changes. The meat of what made The Lunduke Show is exactly the same in The Lunduke Journal.


This article is also available as a Video episode and Audio Podcast of The Lunduke Show.

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Ways to read the articles: RSS Article Feed.

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