[Yeah, the date in the video says 2019. I know, I know. It's 2020. I'm just proud I finally stopped writing 2018.]

Now that most of my shows are planned and based on full written articles, I felt like it would be fun to add in a regular unscripted show – barely planned, just a few topics I feel like talking about. A chance for me to talk about life, the show, and related stuff that doesn't really need a dedicated article and episode.

This is that show. I'm calling it “Lunduke's Log.” Because why not.

Topics I feel like I may want to talk about today:

  • The Lunduke Show is up to #2 on LBRY!
  • Resurrecting my N810: new battery, emulators, Linux software repo.
  • The perils of aging computer hardware: Powerbook 180c screen, HP 100LX hinge, N810 battery.
  • If I'm not using Cellular data at all… what is my ideal cell phone?
  • Pajamas.


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