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In addition to some seriously warm, fuzzy feelings, subscribers to The Lunduke Journal (on both Locals and Patreon) also get the following benefits:

Weekly Exclusive Lunduke Podcast

Once each week, Lunduke records an audio show just for the subscribers. Casual. Nerdy. Unscripted. Fun.

You won't find these episodes on YouTube, LBRY, or the public podcast feed.

Comic Strips one week early

Enjoy the comic strips published here at The Lunduke Journal? Want to get them before everyone else?

Well, you're in luck. Subscribers to The Lunduke Journal (on Locals or Patreon) get comic strips a full week before the rest of the world.

Ask Lunduke a question

Have you ever wanted to ask Lunduke a question? Maybe something about Linux, or retro computing, or Tech culture… or some other nerdy topic?

All subscribers get direct access to do exactly that. Lunduke picks some of the best questions (or at least the ones Lunduke can answer the best) and writes articles (and produces shows) around them.

Free digital copies of all books by Lunduke

From time to time, Lunduke writes books (and comic books). Subscribers on Patreon or Locals get DRM-Free, digital downloads of these books. For free.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • “Linux for Hank” (A children's book)
  • “5 Years of Linux-y Shenanigans” (A collection of Linux-y articles and essays)
  • Multiple comic books (“Road-Sign Hank & The Aliens”, “2299”)
  • “Linux is [CENSORED]" (Linux essay collection with a Choose Your Own Adventure)

Hang out with Lunduke & Crew

Want to socialize with Lunduke and the rest of the like-minded, super-nerdy supporters of The Lunduke Journal?

Far away from the anger-fest that is Social Media?

As it so happens, you can do exactly that… right from Locals or Patreon. Nothing but likeminded nerds as far as the eye can see!

Locals or Patreon?

You can choose whichever service you prefer – Locals or Patreon. Both provide the same exclusive content. Both provide the chance to hang out with me and other like-minded nerds.

But, what if you don't want to create an account on Patreon or Locals?

Fair enough! You can also support The Lunduke Journal in other ways! While we can't offer all of the super amazing perks like we do on the Locals or Patreon… there are other ways you can help support The Lunduke Journal:

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Tip on LBRY

Within the LBRY application, you can subscribe to “The Lunduke Journal” and either tip each video episode (using the LBRY cryptocurrency – LBC), or send tips directly to the channel. This is similar to tossing coins into a tip jar. Each tip is small… but every little bit adds up!