Bryan Lunduke used to be a…

  • Technology Executive – with fancy titles like “Vice President of Technology” and “Director of Engineering” for multiple software firms.
  • Technology Journalist – writer for Network World and Deputy Editor for Linux Journal.
  • Technology Marketeer – Director of Marketing for Purism, Linux marketing guy for SUSE.
  • Software Engineer – Big companies and startups… I've coded for more than a few.

Nowadays Lunduke writes and produces articles, videos, and audio podcasts right here at the Lunduke Journal.

As of January 1st, 2020, Lunduke doesn't use Social Media. If you want to get ahold of him, email is the best bet.



Q: Can my company advertise with The Lunduke Journal?

A: Maybe! Lunduke is picky about what sort of companies can sponsor the work here (you'll never find credit card or pharmaceutical companies sponsoring The Lunduke Journal). But, hey, doesn't hurt to ask!

Some present and past advertisers on The Lunduke Journal include: Linode, Lulzbot 3D Printers, Pogo Linux, and System 76.

Q: Does Lunduke do live appearances?

A: Sure does! Lunduke tries to do at least one live audience show each year (sometimes more). Those will typically be announced as far ahead of time as possible for folks to make travel arrangements.