YouTube fact checks satire video about “Lizard People”

Recently, The Lunduke Journal (the world’s most awesomest source of nerdy satire) published an article entitled:

Facebook, YouTube ban discussion of “Lizard People”

As is the way here at The Lunduke Journal, that article was turned into a video and uploaded to YouTube (among other places).

That piece of journalistic excellence included the following line:

“Not to be outdone, YouTube has also announced an update to their algorithm that will automatically detect anti-Lizard bias and flag videos accordingly.”

In an award-worthy move of “thou-dost-protest-too-much-ery”, YouTube has added a warning to said video. YouTube wants to remind you that “Reptilian humanoids” are definitely “conspiracy theories” and totally not real — *wink wink*.

The Lunduke Journal would like to take this opportunity to thank the good Reptilian Humanoids humans at YouTube — along with YouTube’s sentient A.I. — for continuing to provide quality material for future articles.

Note: This is 100% real. YouTube actually did this. This is not satire.

Bryan Lunduke

Former Deputy Editor for Linux Journal magazine. Former Technology Journalist for Network World. Former VP of Technology. Former Linux Marketing Director. Former Dishwasher.