Open Source orgs reject cancel culture, embrace meritocracy

A wide ranging coalition of Open Source organizations have come together to make a joint statement against mob rule, and advocating for meritocracy.

The full statement — signed by representatives of Debian, The Linux Foundation, GNOME, Fedora, Red Hat, The Open Source Initiative, Elementary, Mozilla, and Creative Commons, among others — reads as follows:

“We, the undersigned, roundly reject all mob-like tactics and Cancel Culture.  We believe in being understanding of all differences — including political differences — and treating others with empathy.

We believe that nobody should be forcefully excluded or demonized because of who they vote for or their political affiliation.

We believe that preferential treatment should never be given to someone based on immutable characteristics, such as ethnicity, place of birth, or gender.  Likewise, no person should be excluded or attacked for those reasons.

We believe that contributions should be considered solely based on their merit — and not be influenced by immutable characteristics, politics, or unrelated ideas of the contributor.

We believe that, should conflicts arise between individuals within a project, they should be handled in an adult fashion, avoiding mob-like tactics.


The Open Source Club of Power”

Bryan Lunduke

Former Deputy Editor for Linux Journal magazine. Former Technology Journalist for Network World. Former VP of Technology. Former Linux Marketing Director. Former Dishwasher.