Weekly Lunduke Update: Nov 7 – Nov 13

Shazam!  The Weekly Lunduke Update for last week : November 7th through November 13!

[I release my works under a Creative Commons license — supported by individual contributors to my Patreon page as well as here on Lunduke.com — and update all of you here about my progress on various projects each week.]

Words Written

I’m tracking the words written for various projects (not including articles for publications like Network World).

  • Your Favorite Software Development Methodology is Stupid (book) : 1,477 words

Audio / Video Produced

My audio/video editing box is no more.  I am currently running a small fundraiser (nothing huge) to pull together a new editing system and, at the same time, make a few upgrades to the studio.  Better audio.  Better video.  That sort of thing.

Once the editing box is replaced, I’ll be back up and producing more videos.  If you’d like to see that happen faster… consider dropping a few bucks toward the cause — or help spread the word.  So far we’re over 25% of the way there — off to a great start (huge thanks to everyone who has pitched in)!

Other Stuff

  • I was the guest on an episode of the FadeToBlack radio show on Monday.  You can listen to the entire episode online.  The topic was privacy, focused around the ties between the CIA and Google (and Niantic).  Fun show.
  • I will also be the guest on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, November 18th.