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Half a Decade of Linux-y Shenanigans

574 Pages, Paperback

All of the Linux (and alternative OS news) worth printing from 2012 to 2017.

Linux is Badass

62 Pages, Paperback

Vulgar essays.  Poetry.  Choose Your Own Adventure.  About Linux.

Clothes and Such
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Linux Sucks – The T-Shirt!

This is a shirt.  It says “Linux Sucks” on it.

 Pixel Tux – The Coffee Cup!

Coffee cup.  With a pixel art Tux on both sides.

AMD Burn – The T-Shirt!

Commemorating the most wicked code burn ever.

Pixel Tux – The Hat!

Pixel art Tux.  On a hat.  Multiple colors.

Linux Sucks – The Cup!

Coffee cup.  Says Linux Sucks.  On both sides.

killall humans – The Shirt!

It says “$ killall humans”.  And nothing more.

Linux Code – The Shirt!

The entire main() function of the first version of Linux.

Pixel Tux – The Shirt!

It’s pixel art Tux.  On a shirt.  Multiple color options.