The Lunduke SDK

The Lunduke SDK is an Open Source development kit geared towards extremely cross platform development.

It consists of two critical parts:

  1. The Lunduke Language – A programming language designed to be easy to learn and read.
  2. The Lunduke Compiler – A command line tool that takes source code, written in the Lunduke Language, and exports source code in any of the supported languages/frameworks.

The Lunduke SDK is under active development but is not presently available for download.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What language is the Lunduke Compiler written in?

A: The compiler is written in the Lunduke Language itself.  It is self hosting at this point.  The original compiler was written in C but, as the language progressed and was able to write itself, it was re-written so that the Compiler could be built for any of the platforms that the SDK supports.

Q: What languages/frameworks/platforms does the SDK support?

A: As of this writing, the Lunduke Compiler can take in code, written in Lunduke, and export source code in the following languages (and using the following frameworks):

  • C/ncurses [console apps]
  • C++/QT [desktop apps]
  • HTML/JS [web apps]
  • MXML/ActionScript/Flex [web apps]
  • Java/Android [android apps]
  • Objective-C/CocoaTouch [iOS apps]
  • Python/GTK [desktop apps]
  • FreeBasic [desktop apps]
  • C/NDS [nintendo DS homebrew apps]

Q: Why haven’t you released it with source code yet?

A: Because doing so would be a bit of a pain at the moment.  The Lunduke SDK was originally built to support Illumination Software Creator — and is now used even greater in that capacity, in addition to an official Lunduke SDK development environment that is in development.

Q: When can we expect to see a public release?

A: The first public release will be soon.  Source code will follow afterwards (hopefully shortly).

Q: Why is it called the “Lunduke SDK”?

A: Because I created it.  How many times does a person get to name a programming language after himself?  I just had to. :)

Q: Where is the specification for the language?

A: In a dead Wiki.  Seriously.  We had a public wiki set up that got clobbered during a botched server move.  And we just haven’t had the time to set up a public wiki again.  This will come when the public release of the SDK arrives.

Q: What is the significance of the logo?

A: The mascot for the Lunduke SDK is “Arnie the Dog” from the Road-Sign Hank comic books.  In the books, Arnie speaks a large number of languages.  Just like the Lunduke SDK.  Seemed like a good fit.  Plus… Arnie is cool.

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