Download Page – Dec 2012 & Jan 2013

This is the download page for December 2012 through January 2013.  If you would like access to any software, games, books or videos produced after January of 2013, you can obtain that from here.

Look at all this cool stuff! Games, Apps, Comics… all free. And all licensed under the most triumphant Greater Lunduke License (aka “The Bill & Ted License).

Comic Book: Road Sign Hank and the Aliens
Issue #1 PDF / CBZ
Issue #2 PDF / CBZ
Video Games
Linux Tycoon 1.0
Linux Tycoon 1.1 Beta 2
2299 : THE GAME
Not Video Games
Illumination Software Creator 4.3

Registration Code: IL260-187-100-83
Illumination Software Creator 5.0 Beta 6
Game-Make-inator 1.0
Radical Comic Designer
RealStudio Dev Pack  
Illumination Software Creator : THE BOOK
(And Sample Projects)
eBook PDF
Choose Your Own Adventure Game
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