“Linux Against Humanity” – expansion set for “Cards Against Humanity”

Roughly a year ago I released a Linux-themed expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity — named, simply, “Linux Against Humanity”.

lahThe expansion pack was released under the same license as Cards Against Humanity itself (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA), allowing anyone to download and print out their own set.  Good times were had by all.

Then I re-did my website and the old announcement pages disappeared, making Linux Against Humanity hard to find.

I’ve fixed that.

You can now grab it right from the Lunduke.com “Book Store“.  Which is a lot like a normal book store… except everything is free to download, has no DRM of any kind, and is all made available under such wonderful licenses as the Creative Commons.

You can also grab it from GitHub.  Seriously.  This is a Cards Against Humanity expansion pack with a GitHub repository all to itself.  Just how I roll.

Three things I would be dumb to not mention at this point:

  1. While you’re over on the “Book Store” page… might as well grab a few of my books while you’re there.  They are free under the Creative Commons.  Freedom is cool.
  2. Making all of this free was made possible by my supporters on Patreon.  Every single one of them deserves a high-five.  If you’d like to see me spend more time on projects like this (and my books, videos, etc.) consider dropping a couple of dollars into the cup.  [Here’s a video explaining how this works.]
  3. Feel free to spread this far and wide.  It’s free.  For you.  For me.  For everyone.  Especially your Aunt Tabitha.  Definitely email this to your Aunt Tabitha.

“Linux & Whatnot” – So many Linux-y guests

LandWThere have, to date, been 5 episodes of “Linux & Whatnot“. And, in those five episodes we have had 12 (twelve) amazing guests take part in our round-table discussions.

These aren’t your average schlubs, either!  These are some of the best, most remarkable, attractive, and nice-smelling schlubs on the whole planet.  Just look at this mind-blowing list-o-schlubs:

  1. Michael Hall – Ubuntu / Canonical Community Manager
  2. Steven Vaughan-Nichols – Contributing Editor CBS / ZDnet
  3. Rikki Endsley – Community Manager, opensource.com
  4. Whitson Gordon – Editor in Chief at How-To Geek, Former Editor at LifeHacker
  5. Barton George – Senior Technologist, DELL
  6. Carl Richell – Director of Absolutely Everything, System76
  7. Ikey Doherty – Founder of Solus
  8. Martin Wimpress – Founder of Ubuntu MATE
  9. Daniel Fore – Founder of elementary
  10. Jordan Keyes – Linuxy YouTuber
  11. Joe Collins – Linuxy YouTuber
  12. AJ Reissig – Linuxy YouTuber

Here’s a playlist of the Linux & Whatnot episodes (in case you’d like watch them all but avoid the other fantastic, life-changing videos on the rest of my channel).  Oh.  And we have an audio-only podcast feed as well.  Because we love ya.

We even have our own Sub-reddit for the show now.  How bonkers is that?

Here’s the most recent episode (“The Linux YouTubers”) for your enjoyment.