More “Linux is Badass” books on the way!

Last month I did a big, bulk order of hardback copies of my book, Linux is Badass.  The number of you crazy kids that wanted a signed copy was absolutely, astoundingly overwhelming.

And, on that front I’ve got some great news — followed by slightly annoying news for a few of you (17 of you, to be exact).

2016-05-11 10.55.30First, the good news:  This is a picture of the very last of the books that I have left to sign and mail out.  I originally planned to mail them off within about a week of getting the books delivered to me — I had no idea how much time it would take to sign and ship that many books.  Hell, if I’m being honest, I only expected to have a few dozen of you order books anyway.  I was, apparently, very wrong on my estimate.  Took me a few weeks to sign and ship the small mountain of books… but I finally managed to do it!

The bad news: I’m short 17 books.  No joke.  I’d like to say I have a good excuse for getting the order number wrong… but somewhere along the line I missed 17 of you.  How?  I haven’t the foggiest.  I even have a spreadsheet I use to track it all.  Best guess is that I have a mild case of Dumb-ass-itis.  (This would explain a great many things.)

The better news that makes the bad news not so bad: I’ve already put in an order for those 17 books (plus an extra handful just in case I still haven’t learned how to count properly).  Those should be arriving here around the beginning of next week and I’ve set aside some dedicated time to sign and ship all 17 out right away.  Which means, if you haven’t received your copy yet, you will very soon.

I feel rather bad about the delay my inability to do basic math has caused for a few of you.  I’m trying to think up a good way to show my appreciation for those of you who were so patient for your copy to arrive.  I don’t have any good ideas yet, but am open to suggestions!  Maybe I could doodle a little picture on the inside cover of each one or something.  That way those 17 are extra, super-duper special.  Hmm.  I have a few days to come up with something fun.