Shaking things up.

The old has been running for years and years.  And it was a total freaking mess; I wanted something more from it than it was possible to get.

So I archived it and started from scratch with a simple website specifically existing to make it easy to publish the kind of things that I want to be publishing.

So.  There you have it.  Pretty simple.  Nothing exciting.  Except for me.


    1. The Wallpaper will return soon (hopefully this weekend if I get a few other parts of the site finished up). A lot of the comics (like 2299) are available in eBook / eComic form over on my patreon page. I don’t think I’ll be re-posting the old comics on individual posts here on But new comics will be coming.

  1. After reading your article last night about our dependance on proprietary services it is time for a change. I have been going through the same process of removing proprietary software and services from daily use and it is going well except for my use of Android and Google. Soon I will have a solution for those two and I may be about as close to being free as I can be when the time comes. The changes to the web site are very streamlined. Keep the articles coming and we can take a stand against proprietary companies.

    1. No more Downloads page. Sorry, Joel. The Wallpapers will come back. Linux Tycoon will be making a grand re-entrance (on a different site). And my books will remain available on my patreon page (along with some dedicated pages here, hopefully this weekend… give or take).

  2. Hey man! Love the new site. Question: Do you still have/use/support the “appmakinator” (check spelling)? I know it’s 2016 and all but I tried it out (couple years ago) when I knew nothing about building an app and now that I know more, I’d like to give it another run.

    Anyway, thanks in advance.

  3. Hey, i can totally see how you would want something like a CMS to back the site, but i hope you want to bring back some of the custom graphics and style of the old page.
    Like this it looks like any run-of-the-mill wordpress blog someone set up in a few minutes, and i think it’s a bit tiring.
    Not that my opinion matters, just liked the design of the old page!

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