New Design

Why a new

I’ve been whining and complaining a lot lately about the slowness of most websites. About the crazy RAM and CPU usage that even the most basic of websites are consuming. In an effort to not be a complete and total hypocrite, I have re-worked to be as lightweight as possible.

What’s more, I’m trying to make a special effort to have a site that renders readably on as many web browsers as possible (even early and text-only ones).

Based on Hugo

The new is built without a database. Without a server-side scripting language (such as PHP). The HTML is generated, using a tool called Hugo, from a set of plain text files I edit locally.

The resulting site is super tiny and loads wicked fast.

There’s a tiny bit of JavaScript in the site right now… but I’m thinking what little there is will be removed. It’s just not necessary – and causes a few issues in text-based browsers. Besides… having zero JS will just make the whole site load that much faster.

Designed to be easy on my eyes

When I was young, screens were (typically) dark colored, with light colored text. Much easier on the eyes than a glaring white screen with dark text. At least for me.

With that in mind, I’ve changed the look and feel of to be white text on a black background. For the few bits of colored I went with a green. Not 100% sure I’ll keep that color the same – luckily it’s super easy to change.