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Lunduke Hour Update - June 23rd, 2017


The Lunduke Hour train rolls on! … except for today. Today I am sick, laying in bed, typing about The Lunduke Hour. But in general, the show rolls on! :)

Not only are the stats kicking serious butt… but the content is diversifying and getting more and more fun.

Holy Guacamole! Those are some stats!

There are now over 33 thousand subscribers to the YouTube channel. Adding in well over a thousand new subscribers every single month. At a minimum.

The show is growing like crazy. And that’s thanks to all of you helping to spread the word. You rule.

Funky Special Events

I love doing “presentations” – going to conventions and talking, in front of an audience, about a focused topic for an hour. It’s just so much fun for me. I suppose I don’t really consider them presentations so much as “one man shows with a slide deck.”

The one problem: I have more ideas for “presentations” that I’d like to do… than I could possibly get on the schedule at the handful of conferences I attend each year. Plus… if I have an idea for one today… I don’t want to have to wait 3 months to present it.

So I’ve decided to try doing those sorts of presentations… right here in Lunduke Labs (aka “my studio with a workbench”) as special episodes of “Lunduke Hour”. No live audience (though I suppose I could live-stream them), but still fun to do.

The first one I call simply “The World Wide Web Sucks”. And it is exactly what it sounds like. I tell you why I think the good ol’ WWW (the “web”) sucks.

So far it seems like you crazy kids rather enjoyed that. Methinks I’ll do more like this.

Patreon keeps on growing

There are now over 300 supporters of the show on Patreon!

I’m not sure if the several hundred of you are there purely because you are freaking amazing people and love supporting independent media like mine… or if you’re there for the audio podcast RSS feed. :)

Either way, the support is appreciated! And it’s directly helping the show become more badical. Every penny goes right back into show production. Which, lately, has meant new lighting, some upgraded audio gear (and longer cables to reach across the lab), and the like.

Interacting with the show

Want to ask questions for “Linux Thursdays”, suggest show topics, or generally get my attention? There are 4 key ways:

I figure that should be plenty. Good odds one of those will be at least somewhat convenient for you. You can also email me… but no guarantees I’ll see it right away (or be able to respond). I get a stupid amount of email every week… there’s just not enough time to reply to them all.

Also I’m lazy. I’m a very, very lazy man. :)