The BBS is Back!

Yeah, baby! The House of Lunduke BBS is up and running!

A little slice of BBS history

I love BBSing. It’s a huge part of my childhood – and remains an enjoyable hobby for me to this day. If you’re not sure what BBSing is or how to try it out… click on the “BBS” link at the top of the page. I’ve got a (very short) little primer there to get you started exploring.

But… WHY?!

Me running this BBS – which is now on a dedicated server and properly setup to be a (mostly) maintenance free system (other than the ocasional game reset, etc.) – is, for me, all about playing those awesome old BBS games (known often as “Door Games”).

TradeWars. Barren Realms Elite. LORD. The Pit. Holy ASCII Art, Batman… these are some fun old games.

These games are hugely influential on the entire video game industry. And, dare I say, I derive more enjoyment from creating my own planet (with it’s own space port) in TradeWars than I do from the vast majority of games developed nowadays. It’s simply a fantastic game.

The Details

Telnet into “” on port 23 (click that BBS link at the top of the page for more info on that).

Anyone can create an account. Everything is free. No payment is requested or accepted.

Simply log in and play some awesome old games.