“Lunduke Hour” on a roll – 30k subscribers, Stallman, & more

The Lunduke Hour“, my daily computing/nerd show, just turned 3 months old — and, holy moly, things are getting fun.

Over 30,000 Subscribers

The YouTube channel is growing like crazy.  Two months ago it was at 20k.  Now it’s up over 30k.

And, what’s better, the rate of growth is increasing.  You can’t see me right now… but I’m doing a happy dance.

Awesome Guests

Over the first 3 months of the show, I’ve been able to talk with some amazing people.  But two stand out at me as being the most exciting.

Richard Stallman (founder of GNU and the Free Software Foundation).

Stewart Cheifet (host of the legendary Computer Chronicles TV show of the 1980s and 1990s).

I’ve been lucky enough to have guests on to talk about everything from “desktop Linux” to “3D printing” to “Internet decentralization” to “mobile hardware”.  It’s been an absolute blast for me.  The fact that so many of you are enjoying it too is just icing on the cake.

Upcoming Events

With the final “Linux Sucks” released about a month back (and already watched over 200,000 times), many people have asked me what’s next in terms of me getting up on stage and doing shows along those lines.

Of course, I’m not done.  🙂

In fact, in just a little over two weeks, on the weekend of May 6th and 7th, I will be at LinuxFest NorthWest (in Washington State).  I’m currently scheduled to record 4 shows.  One being a live version of “The Lunduke Hour” with a special guest (to be announced as we get closer) and another being something I call, simply, “They’re Watching You.”

Much fun will be had.  And, of course, videos will appear up on my YouTube channel for those that can’t make it in person.  (Though, if you can, I highly recommend it.  LinuxFest NW is a lot of fun and free to attend.)

Quick Round of Thanks

I want to take this moment to thank all of you for making this possible.

From the amazing supporters on Patreon (who also get access to the audio podcast version of the show) to System 76 and Pogo Linux for helping to sponsor the show.  This support has allowed the show to upgrade the hardware being used (new cameras, etc.) and fund the travel budget for doing the live shows.  Your support has directly made the show better.

And to those that help in other ways: The simple act of watching the show and talking about it with others has helped this little show to spread far and wide.  And that simply wouldn’t have been possible without all of you.  Thank you.

Seriously.  There is not a high-five big enough to express my gratitude for all of you.