Lunduke Hour: Jan-17-2017, Dell Linux Hardware w/Barton George

When I retired from Bad Voltage — a truly excellent podcast by some truly excellent dudes — I alluded to a few new things for me on the horizon.

This is the first of those things.

A new show.  I call it, simply, “The Lunduke Hour”.

A daily show (Monday through Thursday) tackling a single topic (or guest) in each episode.  Focusing on important things, like:

  • The intersection of technology and politics.
  • The tech topics that the major media outlets get wrong.
  • Security and Privacy.
  • Free and Open Source Software (including Linux).
  • Other nerdy stuff that isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

This is the first episode.  I’ll be making a few tweaks — really fine tuning the show — as we go.  Which should happen pretty quickly.  What with me doing a new episode 4 days in a row, each week.  I’ll be adding non-YouTube viewing/listening options, bit by bit.  For now, YouTube is the way to go.  Subscribe to my channel, follow me on Twitter, or be one of my patron’s over on Patreon to get notified when new episodes go live.

Oh, and yes.  I will be making this into a live show soon, as well.