“Lunduke Hour” hits 31k subscribers, more guests, events


In the last 20 days, my dorky little YouTube channel has grown to over 31 thousand subscribers.

And then there’s the guests — so awesome.  Earlier today was an interview with the Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation… two weeks before that it was MC Frontalot.  How crazy is that?  Why these amazing people keep agreeing to hang out on my show… is beyond me.  But, hey!  I won’t object!

LinuxFest NorthWest

Just wrapped up a trip to the ever-excellent LinuxFest NW — a community-run Linux conference up north of Seattle.

My first show, on the first day, started at 9:30am (“They’re Watching You“).  Four back-to-back shows later (in the same room, luckily, so I only needed to set up the recording equipment once) I got a chance to take a break and kick my feet up for a couple hours… before the big conference party.  Good food and game-show (pub-style) with nerd trivia.  The conference organizers invited me to host the event and… how could I turn that down?  I got to play Nerd-Game-Show-Host for a night.  Had a total blast.

Videos for the first 3 are already up on the YouTube channel; The 4th one should be up shortly (once I get it edited).

Talked to some remarkable people and had a truly excellent weekend.

Now seems like a damn good time to thank everyone for their support (including the supporters on Patreon).  None of this would have been doable with you.  And a big thanks to the show sponsors: System76 and Pogo Linux.  You rule.