Lunduke Hour – 20k+ subscribers, 1 million minutes watched


This has been a heck of a week for my new show, “The Lunduke Hour”.  Not even a month old, and just hit the following milestones:

  • Over 20,000 subscribers to the channel.
  • The show has been actively watched for over 1,072,000 minutes.  Yeah.  A million minutes.  That works out to 17,866 hours.  Which is roughly 744 days… or just a bit over 2 years.

And the trend is increasing.  Almost every day now.  All of which has me pretty psyched.

My goal now?  To keep doing this and try super-duper-hard not to screw up.  Seems like a solid goal.

If you’ve missed any of the show so far, I’ve created a YouTube playlist with all of the episodes in order.  And the episodes are now all being posted (starting about a week back) to the Audio-only RSS podcast feed that I made available as a thank-you to my supporters on Patreon (who really make the show possible).