Linux is Badass


“Linux is Badass”

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We all know that Linux is badass.  Now there’s a book to prove it.  Sure to convert even the most die-hard Windows or Mac OS users, “Linux is Badass” takes you on a magical journey filled with adventure, Linux and swear words.

This is not a “How-To” book.  Equal parts opinion, fact and, I kid you not, Choose Your Own Adventure — “Linux is Badass” defies categorization.  Unless there is a category called “badass”.  In which case it would be in that category.

When you crack open the book, this is what the table of contents looks like.

== Table of Contents ==
1. A Very Boring Introduction.
2. A Badass Introduction.
3. Badass by comparison.
4. “It just works”? Fuck that!
5. If everyone on earth drives a 1993 Toyota Corolla… nobody has a badass car.
6. Say GNU/Linux One More Time. I dare ya.
7. Badass Leadership. (Or “My crazy, neck beard dude can beat up your marketing dude.”)
8. Linux is Badass – The Adventure.

DRM: None.  Not a drop.  Because DRM is lame.

Length: Novelette (just shy of 8,000 words).

License: The Greater Lunduke License (Which means you can lend and re-sell the digital book)

Note from the author:

“This book is absolutely ridiculous.  It is foul mouthed and has no redeeming qualities.  Other than it being about Linux.  And cheap.  This book is also quite cheap.”

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