House of Lunduke BBS

What it is

The House of Lunduke BBS is an electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) for DOS.

Yes.  DOS.

It has 20 telnet nodes (meaning 20 people can connect to the BBS at the same time), is free to use, and features some of the most popular BBS games from the 1980s and 1990s.

We’re talking games like Trade Wars 2002, Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD), Barren Realms Elite (BRE), The Pit, and Exitilus.

How to Connect

Telnet to: on port 23

In order to get the best experience — and see the BBS the way it was meant to be seen — I recommend using an ANSI BBS capable telnet client.  My personal favorite is Syncterm (which is available for almost every modern computing platform).  Netrunner and Qodem are other options that I’ve used with success.