Help the Lunduke Show

Like what I’m doing?  Want to help keep the lights on — and even grow the show?  There’s quite a few ways you can do that!

Super Fancy Bonus: Every person who supports the show via Patreon or PayPal receives a DRM-free video – “Linux Sucks: The Commentary“.  It’s goofy.

Become a Patron on Patreon

One of the easiest — and most effective — ways to contribute to the Lunduke Show is by becoming a supporter on Patreon.

All supporters (even those that give as little as 2 bucks) get some fun perks:

  • The ability to ask questions (any questions you like — on any topic) for the monthly Q&A videos.
  • Exclusive access to DRM-free special event videos.
  • DRM-free copies of all of my books.
  • Warm fuzzy feelings.

Buy stuff from the Lunduke Store

T-Shirts, cups, books and more are available from the Lunduke Store.  I try to keep the prices as low as possible while still earning a few bucks to support the work I do.  Every few dollars adds up!

Make a One-Time Donation via PayPal

You can make one-time donations to the Lunduke Show via PayPal (using PayPal or Card).

Make a One-Time Donation via Bitcoin

Got Bitcoin?  You can donate to the show via BitCoin using this address: