First week of “Lunduke Hour” complete!

Phew!  First week of my new show, “The Lunduke Hour” is complete!

There were a few technical issues here and there — the software I’m using to record (and, soon, live-stream) the show crashed right in the middle of two episodes.  Not ideal.  Luckily it seems that the crash has been fixed in the most latest version.  So fingers crossed that next week is crash-less.

On Wednesday I interviewed the core organizer of LinuxFest Northwest (one of my favorite conferences).  Talking about how they have managed to build a community focused technology festival up to the point where they get over 1,800 attendees.

Then, on Thursday, I got the chance to talk to the creator of the FreeDOS project — a completely Free and Open Source MS-DOS compatible operating system.  The conversation was all over the map, including… why someone would continue to actively develop “DOS” in 2017.  🙂

Oh!  And the show was already making headlines in the very first episode.  An article based on the discussion that took place in my first episode hit the front page all over Reddit.  Not too shabby for a brand new show.

I’ve gotten quite a few questions this week about the show.  Here’s a few short answers:

  • Yes.  There will be an audio only version of the show with an RSS feed.  I want to get the recording and video process just right first, then the podcast version will follow.
  • For now, the only way to watch the show is on my YouTube Channel.  There will be more options going forward.
  • There will be a live stream for the show.  After the podcast process is 100% working well.  I’m recording the entire show in one, single take with software that is built to live-stream.
  • The studio is mostly in place.  I have a little bit of hardware left to get and set up (including a new camera)… I expect that to be mostly completely in the next few weeks.  Thanks in large part to my Patreon supporters, who have made it possible to afford the necessary gear.  You guys and gals are the best!

Next week is shaping up great.  Four new episodes, Monday through Thursday.  If you subscribe to my YouTube Channel or follow me on Twitter you’ll get them right away.