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Linux is Badass

The book that made me an “Amazon Bestselling Essayist” (seriously, that’s not a joke).

Jam packed with absolutely zero socially redeeming value, “Linux is Badass” includes: Swear words, Poetry, and a choose your own adventure story. All about Linux.

There’s also a playable Infocom Z-Machine version of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” game included in the archive. Plus a censored version (with all the swear words bleeped out) and the original doc in both .odt and .doc format. Just for kicks.

Free Download - also available on GitHub

Linux for Hank

A children’s book. All about Linux. I wrote this book for my daughter when I wanted a story to read her about Linux.

Free Download - also available on GitHub

Road-Sign Hank & The Aliens

Family-friendly, Sci-Fi-Adventure-Comedy comic book about alien invasion. Done in the style of road-signs. The critics love it.

“Some comics rely on gorgeous art. Some on fantastic writing. And some rely on that very hard to find sweet spot where the art and the dialogue work together to create something that is greater than the whole. That’s the case with Road-Sign Hank and the Aliens.” -

“Not only is the self-referential quality one of the finer points of the series, but the humorous writing makes the reader want to read every last word, instead of being tempted to skim.” - Ain’t It Cool News

Download Issue #1 - CBZ or PDF

Download Issue #2 - CBZ or PDF

Linux Against Humanity

An expansion set for Cards Against Humanity. The pack comes in three different files — one for each size/shape of card to match the various types of sets that might be out there.

Free Download - also available on GitHub

2299: Act One

The complete first act of my pixel-art styled, very adult-centric comic strip series about a future where human consciousness has been uploaded into the computers of space ships. Who then fly around the universe making fart jokes.

Free Download

The Bible. With Robots.

This is exactly what it sounds like. The first part of the book of Genesis… with robots added in.

Zero socially redeeming value here.

Free Download