Commercial Linux Software

The purpose of this page is to keep an, up to date, listing of the commercial software available for Linux desktops.

The focus here is on consumer (and pro-sumer) focused, desktop applications (not server and enterprise applications).  Software normal people might use.

The list is by no means completel.  Feel free to recommend any software you would like to see added to the list!


RadicalCodex – $10.00 – Radical Breeze

eBook & Comic Book reader and organizer.  Can sync to eBook reader devices.

DoThisNow – $10.00 – Radical Breeze

Personal desktop automation software.  Scheduling and menu-launching configurable actions (change desktop background, screenshots, etc.).

VMWare Workstation – $189.00 – VMWare

Desktop virtualization (run Windows, etc. inside Linux).

Parallels Workstation – $49.99 – Parallels

Desktop virtualization (run Windows, etc. inside Linux).

CrossOver Linux – $39.95 to $69.95 – CodeWeavers

Install many popular Windows productivity applications, plugins and games in Linux, without needing a Microsoft Operating System license.

TurboPrint – $38.94 – ZEDOnet

Professional printing system for Linux.


World of Goo – $20.00 – 2D Boy

A physics based puzzle / construction game.

Eschalon: Book 1 – $19.95 – Basilisk Games

A classic role-playing game experience that will take you across massive outdoor environments and deep into sprawling dungeons.

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness – $14.95 – Hothead Games

Adventure-RPG from the minds that bring us Penny-Arcade.

Vendetta Online – $9.99 / Month – Guild Software

Massively multiplayer, space combat and trading with an emphasis on space flight simulation.

Doom 3 – Various – Activision

It’s Doom 3.  Doom.  3.

Cedega – $45 / Year – Transgaming

Run many Windows games on Linux.

Penumbra Series – $20 – Frictional Games

Survival / Horror 3D game.

Graphics / Design

Pixel – $50.00 – Pavel Kanzelsberger

Pixel is a RGB, CMYK and HDR image editing, photo retouching, graphics manipulating and animation program.

Radical Comic Designer – $10.00 – Radical Breeze

Comic strip and comic book designing software.

Audio / Video

Fluendo Codec Pack – EUR 28.00 – Fluendo

High quality, and properly licensed, audio and video codecs for playing back a wide variety of content.

PowerDVD Linux – $49.95 – Cyberlink

DVD video playback software.

Renoise – EUR 49.00 – Renoise

Renoise is a complete music production environment for Linux. Automatic plug-in delay compensation, support for VST and AU plugins, multi-core load balancing, MIDI i/o, audio recording, 4096 PPQ resolution and parameter automation.

Software Development

REALbasic – Various (Free – $299) – REALsoftware

Cross platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) integrated development environment.  Linux Standard edition is free.

Runtime Revolution – Various – Runtime Revolution

Cross platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) development environment.  Similar, in many ways, to Hypercard.

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  • Malcolm Bastien

    *Cough* Wiki *Cough*

  • Johan

    Parallels Workstation and PowerDVD Linux. Both found at Canonical’s shop.

  • Bryan

    Johan: Good call! Those both should be on the list! I’ll add them in.

    Malcolm: Wiki would probably be overkill. There just aren’t that many commercial desktop Linux applications out there (unfortunately). For now I’m just focusing on a single list that we can quickly scan through.

  • Johan
  • Johan

    Oh and I also found this that someone was saying was a great scanning app for Linux:

    Four apps available at the Mandriva store:

  • Noah R.

    If you’re looking for a good commercial DAW, you might want to check out Renoise ( It has a tracker interface, a ton of features, and is rather cheap compared to most other DAWs.

  • Peterix

    The Intel compiler suite and related tools. There’s a free version for non-commercial work too.

  • Matthias

    The audio section is missing Renoise and EnergyXT2.
    Renoise is most propably THE best tracker out there (cross plattform) and a real reference for commercial linux software (it’s been ported because the community suggested this step – and it runs rock solid).

  • Jason Smith

    Jungle Disk:

    (Which I found out about from your own review on LAS!)

  • Jason Smith

    What about software that is gratis but non-free? I think it might count too.

    * VirtualBox (the version from their web site)
    * Adobe AIR
    * Various proprietary hardware drivers
    * Picasa

  • Troy Franks
  • Carlo Becchi

    The Penumbra saga from Frictional Games

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    @Jason Smith
    Picasa isn’t a Linux app, it’s a Windows app bundled with WINE.

  • Anonymous Bloke

    Matlab for linux, thank god for that

  • Bryan

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I’ve updated the list with a bunch of them (and still need to add a few more).

    Keep in mind:

    Trying to focus on Consumer/Prosumer level software. Stuff that “average” folk might use.

  • Harley

    I sent a twit response to you, but just in case:
    UT2004 (even though it’s dated, it still works well)
    and you have a grammar error: “The list is by no means completely.”

  • Rich

    Well Sadly I am mostly familiar with games, so I’ll go with that.

    Postal 2 (yeah a bit old, but still looks good enough for me). Also Postal 3 is due out soonish and Running with scissors promises it too will be available natively for Linux. May fail the “normal user test” Do normal people use cats as silencers on guns?

    Quake 4

    oh yeah,

    Money Dance personal finance software.

    Livestation Streaming TV app(not sure if it meets the commercial definition you’re looking for or not. I assume they get most of their money from the carried broadcasters)

  • børge

    Two commercial apps for working with photos in the RAW format: (They don’t mention Linux on their website for some crazy reason, but they do support it!)

  • Manuel

    About Software Development, Intelli Idea is commercial, and there is a version for linux:

  • iza.coska
  • Duncan Bayne

    OBZVault is a secure text editor that encrypts files using TripleDES. It costs AUD$15 and is supported on Ubuntu / Kubuntu, Mac OS X and Windows:

  • Nero

    I know you aren’t necessarily endorsing any of these but you listed Pixel. There has not been a new release of pixel in over a year and almost no communication from the author with the community. It’s status is largely unknown though supposedly he has investors who will be rolling it out commercially. I would recommend against people buying it until it is all sorted out. Technically it is still Beta software and very buggy.

  • Tim

    Enterprise level Content filtering / web security / malware/phishing protection, etc Ubuntu 8 distribution –

  • Ubuntu freak

    Thanks for sharing. I’m using Ubuntu linux as my primary OS for home and business so professional tools are a must sometimes. I’ve also found this site with commercial linux software that looks nice

  • Sarah Graham

    I use both Picassa and Flickr for sharing photos over the internet but i use Flickr more often than Picassa.;`:

  • Justin

    Also check out UltraEdit.. a long time unbeatable editor/IDE for Windows now available in a native Linux (Gnome) version.

  • Kay Warrie

    What about commercial and closed source on Windows and FOSS on linux like the vector editor xara extreme?

  • Neil

    Check out notecase pro via

    This is a multi-platform outliner with ports to just about every OS you could need. A really good general app for everyone.

    Application is neat/uncluttered, and allows export to html and stand alone exe.

    I use this to create front end to my linux home directory. The hyperlinks help navigation and the text documents the file or directory (all searchable). Really handy if you are working on lots of projects etc.

    Price is not too bad from $32 for major release cycle up to $122 for lifetime.