Linux Poetry – Linux Mint… Living on the edge

One more Linux Mint inspired haiku.


This haiku was inspired by this.  Some people are inspired by flowers.  Some people by music or sunsets or other such nonsense.  Not me.  I’m inspired by Open Source licensing brouhaha’s.

And, because I’m just like the super sweetest guy ever — just call me your little cuddle bear — here is the big version for your desktop background.  Or wallpaper.  Or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.


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Linux Poetry – Linux Mint

I present to you a random Haiku about Linux Mint.  Because… why not?


Oh, and here’s a nice, big version that you can use as a Desktop Background (click to get the big .png).  I’ve left “copyright blah blah” text and signatures off it… because those things can really ruin good background images, amirite?


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Linux-Desktop-Poem-a-Week: Awesome

Below is a limerick about the Awesome Window Manager.

Because I like limericks.  And I also like Awesome.


I’m writing these poems for every Linux Desktop Environment (along with an article on each over at Network World).

Because I can.  And no man can stop me.

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Linux-Desktop-a-Week: The Poems

I’ve decided that I am going to try living, full time, in each and every Linux Desktop Environment.  I pick one, live in it for a week, then move on to the next one.

Why?  I dunno.  Because it sounded like fun.  (And I’m chronicling the results, each week, over at Network World.)

But then I realized that I was missing a golden opportunity: To write a poem for each and every Desktop Environment currently available for Linux.  Because I like doing that sort of thing.  (No judging.  This is the Internet : A judgment free zone.)

The first Desktop Environment I did on my “Desktop-a-Week” adventure was Enlightenment.  Here is Enlightenment‘s poem.  It’s a limerick.  You like it very much.


Now to get caught up with poems for Awesome and MATE.  After that I’ll just post one poem a week… whether you want me to or not.

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“Linux Sucks” – 1 Million Times.

Every year, at the end of April at LinuxFest Northewest, I give a ridiculous little presentation that I call “Linux Sucks”.  [I then toss the recordings up on YouTube and hide under my blanket from the angry mob.]

Linux Sucks(1)Well, something crazy just happened.

The “Linux Sucks” videos have, combined, now been watched a total of over 1 Million times.

A million.  A freaking million.

To celebrate this big, round number… I have finally gotten off my lazy butt and placed the slides decks up on GitHub.  They’re under the Creative Commons, so feel free to do pretty much whatever you like with them.

If you’re new to “Linux Sucks”, start with the 2014 video.

Here’s the complete collection, for those of you determined to watch ~8 hours of me with radically changing hair styles:

Linux Sucks 2009

Linux Sucks 2010

Linux Sucks 2011

Linux Sucks 2012 / Doesn’t Suck 2012

Linux Sucks 2013 / Doesn’t Suck 2013

Linux Sucks 2014 (and with Spanish subtitles)

[Seriously though.  The early ones were pretty rough.  Start with 2014.]

This seems like a pretty good moment to reminisce on some of my favorite moments of “Linux Sucks” from the last half decade.  Because, you know, a million.

  • The very first one of these I did, back in 2009… the vga out on my laptop (Linux powered, naturally) didn’t work.  I didn’t realize this until I plugged it in to the projector.  Woops!  Rather amusing start to a presentation on ways Linux sucks.  Luckily a dude was there to help get it working while I talked to folks (a dude that later went on to be a good bud and semi-sorta-co-worker).
  • In 2012 I added the “Linux Does Not Suck” portion of the presentation.  Using the almost exact same slides as the “Sucks” portion.  This amused me a great deal.  So I still do it.
  • A little ways into the 2012 video we had to make some of the audience leave.  We were over fire capacity and didn’t want to risk the wrath of the fire marshal.
  • The 2009 through 2012 videos are all up on the Jupiter Broadcasting YouTube channel.  The 2012 video being the most viewed… anything… that Jupiter Broadcasting has ever distributed.   By a crazily huge margin.  Despite the fact that it was filmed with a hand-held shaky cam.
  • It took until 2014 to film this thing with half-way decent audio and video.  Why?  I have no clue.  Probably because I’m lazy or something.
  • Sometimes I have shaggy hair and a mustache (and look like I should be in a 1970’s adult film).  Sometimes I have no facial hair and a shaved head.  Sometimes (not often) I look like a normal person.
  • I really enjoy doing these (especially the last few years).  There seems to be a good mix of regulars that come every year (a few since the very beginning) and new folks that have no clue what it’s really about.  And that’s just plain awesome.

You better believe there will be a 2015 edition.

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