Linux Poetry – Could be Fedora

I’m going to get emails about this one…


For those interested in details:  The font typically used by the Fedora logo is one that is commercially licensed.  I didn’t want to license a font, thus the font being used is Comfortaa (which is recommended by the Fedora Project as a replacement).  The colors being used are all default Fedora colors (with a little lighting effect thrown in).  Even the text colors are the official Fedora shades of grey.

And here’s the full size version for desktop backgrounds.  This is mostly for the Fedora folks out there who, I am quite confident, will want to use this to spruce up their desktops.  :)


[Don’t tell anyone… but I actually rather like the latest versions of Fedora.  Let’s just keep that between you and me, though.  I’ve got an image to maintain, after all.]

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Linux Poetry – Debian is like Ubuntu

Last week was, apparently, the week of Linux Mint haiku’s.  Time to give Debian some haiku-based love.


The font isn’t the official Debian font (did you guys know that the font used in the Debian logo is a commercially licensed one?), but the color is the official Debian color.  So.  You know.  Legit.

And, of course, here’s a great, big 1080p sized image for whatever you’d like to use it for.


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Linux Poetry – Linux Mint… Living on the edge

One more Linux Mint inspired haiku.


This haiku was inspired by this.  Some people are inspired by flowers.  Some people by music or sunsets or other such nonsense.  Not me.  I’m inspired by Open Source licensing brouhaha’s.

And, because I’m just like the super sweetest guy ever — just call me your little cuddle bear — here is the big version for your desktop background.  Or wallpaper.  Or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.


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Linux Poetry – Linux Mint

I present to you a random Haiku about Linux Mint.  Because… why not?


Oh, and here’s a nice, big version that you can use as a Desktop Background (click to get the big .png).  I’ve left “copyright blah blah” text and signatures off it… because those things can really ruin good background images, amirite?


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Linux-Desktop-Poem-a-Week: Awesome

Below is a limerick about the Awesome Window Manager.

Because I like limericks.  And I also like Awesome.


I’m writing these poems for every Linux Desktop Environment (along with an article on each over at Network World).

Because I can.  And no man can stop me.

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