Procrastinating and Online Storage

I’ve been using DropBox for 207 Thousand years (give or take).  Over that time I have accumulated 17 jiggabytes of data.  And I am paying for it.

And, even worse, those jiggabytes are being copied to every single machine I own.

It’s a mess.  I’ve attempted to clean that bastard (that’s the short technical term for “that bastard of a backup drive that I can’t find a damned thing on”) about a dozen times [for those keeping track at home, that is the first number I have used that has any vague resemblance to reality whatsoever].  And, with each subsequent (failed) attempt to clean up and organize things, El Bastardo became simply more and more terrible.

It was a monster that I had created.  That this perversion of file structures existed within our world… this was my fault.

About this point I should probably mention that I had 18 kajilion other online drive/backup type accounts.  Ranging from Google Drive to a simple FTP site that I sometimes worked from.

You see, as each system became more unmanageable, I simply decided to try out a new service.  And the cycle continued.

Tonight I decided to clean it all up.  Consolidate it down to one single folder structured, backed up by on system.  Would even free up a bunch of cpu cycles by getting rid of all those unnecessary backup apps.

Instead I decided to write this.  Because this is easier.

This makes me wonder…

If I pared down all of my various files… down to the bare minimum that I felt was 100% necessary…  How big would it be?

Could I get it down to, say, 500mb?  Hell… could I get it down to 50mb?

Back in the 80’s I had a 286 with a big, hulking 50 mb mfm hard drive.  Could I pare my files down to fit on there?  In the 80’s (and a good way in to the ’90’s) I sure could.  Right now I’m having a hell of a time getting my Drop Box down to less than 127 gigs.  Getting to 126 is going to be painful.

I could really go for a no bake chocolate cookie right now…

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New Design. Because… New Design.

You may have noticed that this fancy, little website-o-mine looks different today.

A lot different.

In fact it looks almost nothing like any of the previous designs that I’ve ever had for any website that I have ever been involved in.  Within the design of this site there are no images.  Not one.  Not even like a little tiny gif hiding in the corner.

I call this new design “Gray.  With words.”.  And I think I dig it.

Loads fast.  Easy to read.  Easy for me to update when needed.  And, most of all, it puts the focus right where it should be: On the words that I create by haphazardly banging on this keyboard.

There are a few tweaks I still need to make — you’ll notice that images aren’t styled correctly on most of the posts, for example.  But all of the old content is still here in the same locations.  For the most part.

It’ll do for the moment.  I’ll fiddle with it as I go.  There’s only so much CSS a man can handle in one day.

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Open Source, she is a fickle mistress.

I’m not really big on defeat.  It’s not something I dig.

So when I think something is a good idea… I tend to just continue hammering away until it becomes a reality.  Case in point:

BryanStep 1) Bryan wishes  Jos Whedon would make an Avengers movie.

Step 2) Bryan wishes for it really hard.

Steps 3 through 7,394) ?

Step 7,395) Bryan watches an Avengers movie made by Jos Whedon.

No matter how unlikely it is, if I am convinced it is a good idea that could make the world a bit more awesome, my soul demands that it must happen.  [Not trying to take anything away from Mr. Whedon’s hard work here, all I did was get the ball rolling with the first two, obviously critical, steps.]

This applies to me believing in the fundamental awesomeness of Open Source (and, for those who feel persnickety about the wording, “Free Software”).

Which is why I Open Sourced such a huge amount of my applications and games under the GPL license.  And, as you can probably surmise, that changes the business strategy a teensy bit.

I opted to go for the “Open Source funded by donations” route.  Because I believed in its viability.  Still do, really.

Just not now.  [Maybe in the future.  Maybe in the near future.  Perhaps a bit farther out.  I, honestly, have no clue.]

Donations started out fairly strong.  Not off the charts… but steady enough to suggest a bit of predictability.  Which, for anyone looking to earn an income from an endeavor (aka “a job”), predictability in paychecks are a good thing.

Then, within a smattering of weeks, things dropped off.  Donations fell to a point where it would be hard to pay a part-time intern with the monthly totals.

Which leaves me with three options:

  1. Close up all of the software and begin selling it again (which is a proven way to support this specific software).
  2. Leave the software Open, keep working on it full time, and hope magical unicorns fly out of my posterior and begin conjuring money with their Rumpus-Unicorn-Magic ™.
  3. Leave the software Open… but stop working on it full time.  Thus free up time to focus on endeavors that provide better revenue.

Option 1 sounds like defeat.  See top of this post for more information on my thoughts about defeat.

Option 2 sounds awesome.  But unicorn-based.  Never go into a situation where you are reliant on unicorns.  This would be about as dumb as messing with a Sicilian when death is on the line.

So Option 3 it is!

Luckily, for me, I’ve got my writing to fall back on and give my focus to.  [For those of you who read that sentence and thought “REEEEALLY?!  YOU?!” — and then proceeded to look over the current post for grammatical and spelling errors… all I have to say is this: Crazy, right?  People pay me for these words.  It’s a nutty world we live in.]

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • Source code remains available for Illumination, App-Make-inator, etc..
  • Donations are still accepted on the Download Page. 
  • Those donations fund the development in the following month.  (ie. Donations in January fund the development that occurs in February.)
  • Only a few donations = Only a little development.
  • Lots of donations = Lots of development.

Simple, right?  This lets development continue, in a focused way… just (probably) a fair bit slower than before.

With all this in mind, I have removed the donation goal progress bar from the site.  It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

And if I, say, release a new game in the future (which has been known to happen)… will it be Open Source?

Honestly that really depends on how things are going.  If the funds are there to support it?  For sure.  Otherwise any new piece of software will likely be released as closed source in the old-school Shareware style.

As an aside, I just want to say this:

I am extremely proud of the community we have here.  Many of you put your money where your mouths were… and that resulted in some excellent Open Source software.  All of you deserve to pat yourself on the back.

I am also a fair bit humbled (about as humbled as I get, anyway).  You donated your hard-earned money based, in part, on your belief that what we were doing was worth while — and that me working on these projects was worth while.

For that, I thank you.  Quite sincerely.

Okay.  That out of the way, time for me to prep the next issue of Road-Sign Hank and the Aliens.  That comic book has sat idle for far, far too long.

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Quick Update w/Fancy Bullet Points

“WHOAH!  No update in almost 2 weeks!  What gives!”
– Guy On Internet

BryanThat’s a good point, Internet Guy!

Here’s a bullet list of stuff going on, over the last week or two, that just might interest some of you.

  • A new app has been born.  Arduino-Make-inator (aka “ArMi”).  Basically this is a modified version of App-Make-inator… with the entire focus being to visually create custom logic for Arduino boards.  Yes.  That is very cool.  Will be checking that in to GitHub in the next few days.
    • Side Note: ArMi was made possible thanks to a very cool chap who donated to make it possible.  I mentioned that it would be cool to make.  He agreed.  Then he found some cash to allow me the time to do it.  High fives are given.
  • I am behind on Bryan Says and Limerick videos that folks have donated and requested.  But not for long.  Because…
    • I finally got a proper recording rig set up.  So no more videos from my lame, super-grainy webcam.  Videos will be resuming over the weekend and Monday.
  • Linux Tycoon rebuilt in App-Make-inator (for Web, Android, iOS, Ubuntu Touch, etc.) will be rolling out on July 3rd.
  • One of our community members, Bob Mottram, has been packaging Illumination Software Creator for darn near every distro out there (with packages for SUSE, Fedora, Arch, Debian… you name it).  You can grab the packages here, and see the source and working files for building them over on GitHub.
    • Side Note: Bob Mottram is awesome.

That’s about it for the moment.  With the end of the month approaching (tomorrow) I will be making a post with a chart of all donations, along with a few extra details and my thoughts on how to improve during the month of July.

The Short Version: Donations fell short of the goal for the month of June (unless there is a weird flood of donations on the last day of the month).  But we didn’t do badly either — so now we’ll just be fine-tuning things and adding in some additional sources of funding for the Open Source projects.  Pretty confident we can improve the numbers during July.  I’m feeling good about it.  But more on that after June is officially over.

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Watch Bryan Code : Sunday @ 1pm Pacific Time

THRILL!  As I fix bugs.

MARVEL!  As I figure out how to build packages for Arch and Fedora in the Open Build Service.

DELIGHT!  As I say things, occasionally, that amuse myself.

BryanThis weekend I’m sitting down to get some work done on my Open Source software.

And you can watch.


This Sunday, May 2nd at 1pm Pacific Time (4pm Eastern).  We go until I get too tired!  Or “a few hours go by”.  One or the other.


I’ll be working on:

  • Setting up packages for Linux Tycoon, App-Make-inator and others for Arch, Fedora, etc. in the Open Build Service.
  • Fixing bugs reported from users in various games and apps.
  • I’ll be screen sharing the whole thing.  So you can spy on me.


As an On Air Hangout.  You can catch it over on G+ or my YouTube channel.

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