Going to Patreon!

Bryan Lunduke now has a Patreon page where people can obtain all of my content in one spot!

I’ve given this a lot of thought — and sought the advice of some friends (mostly podcasters and writers) using Patreon to great effect — and decided that setting up, and focusing on, a Patreon page could be hugely beneficial for not just me… but all of you as well.

PatreonBoundWhat is Patreon?

For those unfamiliar with the platform: Patreon is, at its core, a place where the good people of the world can go to support content creators (writers, artists, podcasters, etc.) by pledging a small monthly amount.  In essence… becoming their “patron“.  And, in exchange, they get early/special/extra/exclusive access to the works of that creator.

Why is Bryan doing this?

For quite a long time, I’ve sold DRM-free, digital versions of my books via my own website (and Amazon.com).  This has worked fairly well.  But there have been a few drawbacks to my old approach:

  1. There wasn’t a centralized community around the things I create.  No chance for my readers and viewers to interact with each other in a central spot.  And no easy way for me to interact with all of you.
  2. Every time I got ready to release a new book, comic, etc. I needed to figure out pricing and marketing.  And update the (at present) hand-coded scripts that run my online store.  This, as odd as it may sound, has been both time-consuming… and riddled with mistakes and missteps.
  3. The income stream from the things I release saw dramatic spikes and dips.  Which is annoying as heck to manage.
  4. People who buy one of my books… only get to enjoy that one book.  They may not realize how much they’d get a kick out of some of the other things I create (or they may not want to take the chance on buying it).  Some of my best work (in my opinion) has been some of the most obscure, difficult to market stuff.

By setting up a Patreon page, and completely doing away with my own online store, all three of these problems are solved at once.

Plus, this allows me to show you exactly what the funds I receive are going towards in an easy, open way.  Which, I think, is really cool.  Example: The first $500, every month, goes into my “Live Event Fund” — which is what funds me doing more live videos at conferences, festivals and other events.

PatreonBound2How does this work?

  1. Go to my Patreon page.
  2. Pledge at whatever amount you like.  Pledge a little.  Pledge a lot.  Whatever you feel comfortable with.
  3. You, automatically, gain access to every book and comic book I have created in DRM free, digital format.
  4. You also gain access to every single thing I produce while you are a patron.
  5. Any video I make?  If it’s a public video, you get early access to it.  If it’s a video just for my patrons… well… it’s just for you.

That’s it.  Simple, right?

The more people become my patrons, the more resources (hardware, travel expenses, time, etc.) I can dedicate to generating more and better content.  Win-win for everyone.

What if I already own everything you’ve created?

First off: Thank you!  Your support over the years has meant the world to me.

If you already own digital copies of all of my books… feel free to wait to become one of my patrons until I’ve released another book.  Or two.  Or a few new videos.  I have enough new books and videos coming out over the coming weeks and months (including one in only a few days) that I have no doubt you’ll join in the fun pretty quickly.

Just be sure to keep an eye the Patreon page (and here on Lunduke.com).  I’d hate for you to miss out!  Some of the new items will be unveiled to the Patrons long before I tell the rest of the world about them.  That’s just one of the perks of being a patron.

I am super stoked about this.  See you over on Patreon!

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New Video show from Mr. Lunduke starts in January.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a regular, video podcast (unless you count my once-a-year “Linux Sucks” series).

BryanStarting the first week of January, that’s going to change.  In a crazy big way.  Twice a week — Tuesdays and Thursdays — a technology show hosted by yours truly will be blasting into your eyeballs.

Did I say it was hosted by me?  That’s only partially true.  Technically it’s hosted by a puppet version of me.  That’s right.  A Muppet-y version of Bryan Lunduke will be interviewing guests and reviewing hardware and software.

Everything is in place.  The puppet looks awesome.  The guests and reviews are lined up for the first few weeks.  The audio gear and recording computer (running only Linux, of course) is all in place.  Even the artwork and production workflows are prepped and ready.

But I could still use your help on one final thing: I need a new video camera.  Because the one I have is kinda crap.

My (amazing) wife has been cool with me investing time and money into this new show… but if I suggest to her that I need to buy a fancy new video camera there is a chance that her amazing-ness will turn into “grumpy-towards-Bryan-ness”.  And I’d like to avoid that.  I’m also going to avoid asking for donations (all of you are amazing — and I don’t want to take advantage of you guys).

So, instead, I’m going to try to raise the funds for a new camera through a sale of my books and whatnot (basically everything on the front page of Lunduke.com in one bundle).

It’s one of those “set your own price” sales that we all love so much.

Plus I’m offering a “ready-to-print” gift card.  So if you want to give a cheap, nerdy, awesome present to someone (and you want to put as little effort as possible into it) this is the way to go.

[Update: Sale is over!]

You can either pick up this bundle right here (using that little form above) or over on the official sale page.  Either way.  Works exactly the same.  And every penny goes directly towards the new camera for the show.  What sort of camera will the show be filmed with?  That depends, entirely, on how much money this sale raises between now and December 25th.  :)

I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty excited.  This project has been in the works for the better part of a year now — the planning, the designs, the production details… it’s been a heck of a process.  But well worth it.  I can’t wait till January 6th, when you guys get to see the very first video.

Oh!  In case any of you were wondering: I will still be a co-host on Bad Voltage, the audio-only, once-every-two-weeks podcast I record with Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia and Stuart Langridge.  No change there.

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That’s No Gourd – The Death Pumpkin

Obi-Wan Kenobi: That’s no gourd… It’s a space pumpkin!
Han Solo: It’s too big to be a space pumpkin!

This is, I am not ashamed to say, the best pumpkin I have ever carved.  Usually my attempts have been simple faces — which almost always look… barely like a face.  I attribute this to, what I like to call, “my complete lack of any artistic talent whatsoever”.

This year, I gave in and went full Star Wars.  The result pleased me.  Death Pumpkin looks awesome when illuminated in the dark.


Oh, and in case you’ve ever wondered what a Death Pumpkin looks like on the inside…


Also, here’s an in-progress shot.  I am merely sharing it because it amused me.


Had a hard time deciding on a name.  Death Pumpkin is what I settled on.  “Death Gourd”, “Death-O-Lantern” and “Alderaan-Kablooey-inator” were also in the running.


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Dark colors are cool.

I updated the look of Lunduke.com.  The old theme was groovy… but a bit too bright.

So I made it darker.  And tweaked it a bit.

That is all.

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The new year – 5774. Just in time.

Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me and my family.

This last year (5773), was filled with some amazing moments… and some terribly difficult ones.  With so many big events and changes on the horizon for the Lunduke clan, this turned out to be the perfect time for a little soul searching.  To think back on the previous year — the highs and lows, the victories and mistakes — to try to learn from them to make this new year (5774) a more excellent one.

This year we went down to a beach on Lake Washington for Tashlikh

Tashlikh is a pretty simple idea really — symbolically “casting off” your sins (aka “things you did that hurt other people that you are, hopefully, trying to make amends for”) by pulling bread crumbs out of your pocket and tossing them into a body of water.  It’s not a tradition all Jews practice — but it’s a nice tradition that encourages a bit of introspection.  Plus it makes for a fun afternoon.

The number of ducks that came out to greet us was pretty awesome.  An army of ducks, waiting patiently for their bread.  It seemed to be generally accepted that either the ducks simply knew it was Rosh Hashanah and were waiting for the yearly bread buffet to begin… or they were observant Jew-Ducks and they were there to mark the occasion with us.

AfterTashlikh2013-2The event was half “cast off your sins” and half “let’s feed the ducks a lot of stale bread”.  Either way the ducks weren’t objecting.

That’s a picture of my daughter, Josie, sucking on a honey straw after having exhausted daddies bread supply.  Which, I’ll be honest, consisted mostly of a flour tortilla — because we forgot to bring bread with us when we left the house… and there was a tortilla in the car already.

“Why was there a tortilla in the car?”

That’s, really, the wrong question.  A better question would be “Why isn’t there always a spare tortilla in every car?”.  A tortilla is a bit like a towel in that way.  Douglas Adams taught me the value of a towel.  Mexican restaurants taught me the value of a tortilla.  The two are linked in my mind.  I have no idea why.

Luckily there was a lot of old, stale bread to share among the families there.  By the end the ducks were content and, dare I say, bored of eating — and the kids were happy to have helped them get there.

Was a good day.  And a good start to a new year.

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