The Game-Make-inator!

Note: The functionality of Game-Make-inator is being merged into the next generation of Illumination Software Creator.

Game-Make-inator: Easy, fun, visual game making.

Version: 13.06 — Downloads: [Linux] [Windows] [MacOS X]
[Use Registration Code: GM17-8U3J-LS220]

Price: Free.  Supported by donations.

gmi1-fullIt’s like painting a picture… only you end up with a video game.

Seriously. Try it. It’s awesome.

1) Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.
2) Resulting games run, stand-a-lone, on Windows, Linux and Mac.
3) No licensing restrictions on your games. Distribute them however you like.
4) Use your own graphics… or go old-school and use big, colorful blocks.
5) Comes with example games to get you started.

How it works is pretty simple:

gmi2-full1) Use the “Block Editor” to create a palette to work with.
2) Then paint your game levels using that palette.
3) No “coding”. Everything is visual and straight-forward.

Think of it like a painting program.  Only instead of a painting… you get a video game.  And you don’t really need any artistic ability.

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