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What is a BBS?

Back in Ye Olden Times – when keyboards were clicky and memory was measured in kb instead of “gigs” – BBSing was one of the best ways for people to communicate, exchange information, and have a good time on your computer.

An analog modem would dial, over an analog phone line (now known as POTS, “Plain Old Telephone Service”… something that’s hard to even get in some areas nowadays), into another computer running some form of BBS (Bulletin Board System) software.

From there a “user” could download files, play multiplayer games, send emails, and post messages – for many it even became a big part of their social life. Entire communities formed around BBSing.

The House of Lunduke BBS

My BBS, “The House of Lunduke”, is a simple homage to the glorious past. A sort of living museum, where people can connect and play some of the most popular (and influential) games of the BBS era. Such as:

The software powering the House of Lunduke BBS is known as VADV (Virtual Advanced BBS), the successor to VBBS (Virtual BBS) software for DOS and OS/2. This software has been abandoned for many, many years – I opt to utilize this purely for historical and nostalgic reasons.

How to Connect

The House of Lunduke BBS has 20 nodes – meaning 20 people can use the system at the same time. All via Telnet.

You’ll want to make sure you have a Telnet client built for rendering BBS ANSI graphics properly. Such as:

From there you’ll want to telnet to “bbs.lunduke.com” (on port 23).

There are many other telnet clients in the world… by SyncTERM remains my favorite. Highly recommended, especially if you want to get the most enjoyment out of some of these amazing old games.