About Bryan

2So just who is Bryan Lunduke?

That, sir, is a great question.  Here’s a, seemingly random, list of stuff Bryan (who is currently typing about himself in the 3rd person) thinks might help answer that:


  • Bryan writes technology articles for NetworkWorld and Linux.com.
  • Bryan writes books, comic books, comic strips and kids books.  Check the links on the left for the details.


  • Bryan co-founded the Jupiter Broadcasting podcasting network and created The Linux Action Show (which he hosted from 2006 to 2013).
  • Bryan is a current co-host on Bad Voltage.
  • Bryan likes to get up and blather at tech conferences.  Bryan doesn’t know why.

Other Random Things

  • Bryan clings to the 1980′s and early 1990′s by running a BBS.
  • Bryan is an ex-software developer and ex-software executive.


You can find Bryan on a bunch of different social networking sites.  Links are up top there.

Want to get ahold of Bryan?  bryan @ lunduke.com

Want to see some of Bryan’s illustrious endorsements?  Shazam.

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