Being Sick Sucks

Jun 26, 2017
I’ve been sick for a week straight. Not complaining or anything… wait. Yes I am. I’m complaining. This suuuuucks. About a week and a half ago we began hearing rumors of a killer illness. Some sort of mutant virus concocted by an evil scientest in his secret volcano lair. This bad-boy has it all. Fever. Cough. Aches. Pains. Oozing awfulness. We thought we dodged that bullet. My daughter’s summer vacation started this last Tuesday – which meant that we wouldn’t be exposed to quite so many illnesses (any parent knows that kids, especially those in the lower grades, tend to bring home eleventy-billion colds every year).

Lunduke Hour Update - June 23rd, 2017

Jun 23, 2017
The Lunduke Hour train rolls on! … except for today. Today I am sick, laying in bed, typing about The Lunduke Hour. But in general, the show rolls on! :) Not only are the stats kicking serious butt… but the content is diversifying and getting more and more fun. Holy Guacamole! Those are some stats! There are now over 33 thousand subscribers to the YouTube channel. Adding in well over a thousand new subscribers every single month.

New Design

Jun 22, 2017
Why a new I’ve been whining and complaining a lot lately about the slowness of most websites. About the crazy RAM and CPU usage that even the most basic of websites are consuming. In an effort to not be a complete and total hypocrite, I have re-worked to be as lightweight as possible. What’s more, I’m trying to make a special effort to have a site that renders readably on as many web browsers as possible (even early and text-only ones).